Vault Brewing Company- Yardley, PA

Vault Brewing Company (planned) 2
Vault Brewing Company (planned)

VAULT Brewing Company

10 S. Main Street
Yardley, PA 19067

(267) 573-4291

HIS and HERs decided to check out the newer brewery on Main Street in Yardley. HERs lived in Yardley for a few years and they both love the quaint town.

the Look Rustic, upscale Industrial look. The wood burning oven was BEAUTIFUL. All copper. The kitchen and dining area were divided by wrought iron bars. This used to be an old bank. This is NOT your normal brewery.. Modern interpenetration of the prohibition era. Loved the look and feel. The over-sized lanterns as chandeliers were fantastic. The heavy iron chairs were molded to your butt and very comfy. I enjoyed being able to see inside the kitchen. Very open and friendly atmosphere.They kept with the old bank/vault visual. When you walk in there are safety deposit boxes lining the entrance and a gate. Unique and creative.


the BEERS! (left to right)
Belgium Wit (4.7%) Rating: 3.5
Believe it or not, very smooth taste and flavor.  Great aftertaste. Is that wheat I’m tasting? (HERs: “Yes, good job!”) It is wheat! I like this. Its a heavy lingering wheat flavor.
Rating: 4.5
This beer encompasses everything i love about a Wit beer. It is light but with well rounded flavors. Strong lemon and orange citrus notes. Extremely drinkable!! Refreshing on a summer day. The wheat lingers slightly in a favorable way. One of my favorites.I can’t believe HIS likes this!!
Pale Ale (5%) Rating: H0ppy
one word: Hoppy…. Done. umm.. (nice portion?)
Rating: 4
Fruity, mild hops with that slight grassy/crisp flavor i enjoy. Great spring beer! Well, its an ale.. Drink this now! Great timing. Nice spice to the finish.
Double IPA (8.7%) Rating: H0ppy
Hoppy.. (nice portion?)
Rating: 4
YUM! Moderate hops, not overpowering, especially considering the ABV is high. Would not have guessed. Great combination of fruit and hops. Very fruity nose, lingers slightly. Well balanced.
ESB (5.8%) Rating: 4
Like this! Very smooth. Mild taste. Not getting the bitter. But what do i know? I just know what I like, and i LIKE this!
Rating: 2.5
Room temp. Very low carbonation. Lingers… (nice portion?)
Dry Stout (4.0%) Rating: 4
Is that coffee? Noo… is it? coffee? I have no idea about beer.. (HERs “Yes! Good job!”(Big smile spreads across HIS face)
Rating: 4.5
Flavors start smooth and soft the get bolder. Roasted coffee kicks in a the end. Nice flavor journey. Good clean finish, very enjoyable and makes you want to keep drinking. One of the best dry stouts i’ve had. Very rich roasty malt and a thick white head……
Russian Imperial Stout (8.5%) Rating: 2
Smell the coffee aroma, bitter coffee, dark.
Rating: 5
LOVE this… wonderful consistent flavor. Reminds me of my favorite Old Rasputin.. Im getting dark chocolate, very heavy espresso, roasty malt. Very rich.


the YUM!
photo Small menu, but a very nice variety. The Menu was very refreshing. Far from the standard pub grub. This was gourmet. They had beet salad with goat cheese and a ‘hop-infused beer vinaigrette”The lamb meatballs caught my eye right away.. What is Brown Sugar Buffalo pizza!!!??INNOVATIVE!

Caprese Salad

Caprese Salad

The presentation was colorful and artistically laid out on this wooden pallet.This was a beautifully done Caprese salad. Fresh ingredients, excellent balsamic vinegar. And fresh herbs. I was so excited to see this on the menu. This is my go-to appetizer for myself. I asked to add the prosciutto because that is what i do at home. The flavors and drizzle of the balsamic took this dish to the next level. The freshness of the ingredients stood out. Local and fresh.. what is better!?!

Lamb meatballs

Lamb meatballs

Wow! This appetizer was amazing. I could have ordered 3 of these and had this as my entree.The lamb was impeccably seasoned. And the chive-mint cream brought out all of the flavors of the lamb. Lamb is one of my favorite meats. As soon as I saw this on the menu I went nuts! I never expected what came out.First, i always enjoy my lamb with mint jelly. Somehow the mint brings out the flavor of the lamb. This chive-mint cream with the arugula and lamb and apple…. what the heck apple! It all was an enjoyable meeting in my mouth.The lamb meatball itself was fantastic by itself, paired with the rest it rocked!
photo(5) This was a good pizza. But it could have been a GREAT pizza. The ingredients were fresh. The cheese was just enough, not too much. And the fresh cut basil really brought the flavors together. We ordered this pizza drizzles with balsamic vinegar, which tied everything together.I had an issue with the dough. I love a thin crust, this pizza was very thin. But, the dough was dry, it cracked as i picked it up. This comes from cooking the pizza at too low of a temperature which tends to dry out the dough. I was surprised at the thin crust. The sauce won me over. It wasn’t sweet, very tomato-y strong flavor. The fresh chopped basil on top mixed well. The mozz wasn’t overpowering, very mild. Overall, i loved the sauce. The balsamic drizzle addes an UMPH to flavor.